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Air Handling Units
Aspectsupply Weger AHU’sWeger Srl has set a goal – to improve the qualityof the air. This objective is pursued by the company with various products,particularly, the flexible compartment structures DIWER and DIWER EVO, aswell as a series of devices based on the same technology as compactair-handling units Diamant, Goliath, Top 4, and Mundaria.http://www.weger.it/en

Close Control
Ourclose control units come from Italian based Emicon.Ourrange includes direct expansion, water cooled or chilled water close controlunits , equipedwith scroll compressor, available in different versionshttp://www.emiconac.it/eng

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New Requirements for Energy Efficiency of Air Handling Units

Emicon Achieves UL Certification

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OurChillers again come from Emicon . This range includes air cooled andwater cooled liquid chillers, equipped with scroll, magnetic levitation orscrew compressors, available in different versions and with several options.http://www.emiconac.it/eng

Fan Coil Units
Our Fan Coil units come from Eurapo.EURAPO products are recognized for energy-efficiency, certified performance, highly resistant materials, great emphasis on safety in order to make installation as simple as possible.www.eurapo.it/en